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The battles

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The battles Empty The battles

Message  Admin Lun 4 Nov - 11:40

When? Check of arms and armor at 14:30. Battle at 15:00 . Saturday and Sunday.

The battle will be the same two days. However, the fighters are reversed.
Saturday : English attackers / defenders French (the English seized the land)
Sunday : French attackers / defenders English ( reconquest )
Only black powder weapons will always be allocated to defense and confined in a space sécurisédu battlefields.

This year , the battle will turn on three types of sets

- The attackers defenders fighting forest
- Pushed the defenders took refuge in the streets of the villages , relying on a fortified barn.
- Driven out of town , the defenders took refuge in the fort.
- Final Assault .

There will be a lag time between the attack on the village and the fort to the e allow fighters to join the fort ( spaced from the rest of the village ) and to allow the public to go in the area that will be assigned to watch the assault.

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