Civilian costume: (minimum required)

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Civilian costume: (minimum required) Empty Civilian costume: (minimum required)

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Every participant has to be ready in civilian costume for saturday 10 O'clock

Civil costume: (minimum equipment)


1 pair of linen braies
1 pair of woollen hose (separate)
1 linen chainse
1 jupon or doublet (without mahoitres) preferably of wool or a coat
1 leather belt with historically compatible buckle and mordant
1 pair of historically compatible shoes with buckles
1 headgear


- 1 linen shirt
- 1 coat (dress) wool fitted on the bust long or short sleeves. In the case of short sleeves, they must be pinned to the biceps. The lace sleeves at the shoulder are not tolerated.
- 1 leather belt loop or trimmings with histocompatible.
- 1 pair of breeches made ​​of wool or linen
- 1 linen cap
- 1 fabric purse (the leather purses are prohibited for women)
- 1 pair of shoe leather loops or closed by a leather


- 1 wool mantel
- 1 single chaperone or buttoned

It is of course the minimum required.
Any additional items are welcome as long as it is historically consistent with the period (ie houppelande or other nice stuff) In case of doubt, please contact us.

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